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FAQs | FYT Health
Why is our TCM medication as charge instead of per day rate?

We follow strictly to the use of holistic approach in our practice of TCM. As such, it is impossible to set a fixed rate for our medication as individual health condition varies largely and our physician will prescribe a customised medication for the client. Having a fixed rate would require our physician to either reduce the dosage for the client, making the medication much less effective, or overcharging them when their prescription is below the fixed rate. Neither situation is beneficial to our client and that is not how TCM should be practised!

Why do we Choose to use individual sachet packaging granules instead of the more common bottled granules?

Hygiene. The sachet granules are packed right from the manufacturing plant without exposing to air once the herbs are extracted and crystallised into granules from the boilers. Adding to the fact that Singapore is a hot and humid country, the bottled granules once opened and exposed to air may actually compromised the quality of the medication. We believe in giving the best to our client.

How are we different from Chiropractor or Western GP?

Although currently called the alternative medical treatment, TCM has been around for more than 2000 years! TCM is probably the only medical provider that is able to combine the use of natural herbal medication, acupuncture and spinal alignment treatment for patients.

Why do our prescribed medication sometimes include brewed herbs?

Traditionally, most TCM prescription would require the tedious process of brewing. Thankfully with technology advancement, the brewing process can be replaced with the used of the granules form of medication. As certain herbs are not available in granules form or the full effectiveness of the particular herbs can only be achieved through brewing, we sometimes combined the use of granules herbs and brewed medication for our clients to achieve the optimum treatment result. Not to worry, the tedious process of brewing will be carried out by us.