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Our Philosophy | FYT Health


FYT Philosophy


扶阳 (fu-yang) literally means the support and revitalisation of the “Yang” energy. In TCM, “Yang” energy is the important life force that optimises our body functions. But in modern lifestyle, people over- reliance on air-conditioning, refrigerator, and poor eating habits often leave us with a weak body constitution. Readily available frozen drinks, herbal tea, etc., cause dampness and chill to be accumulated in our body and dissipate our ”Yang” energy. When our ”Yang” energy is weak, our body will easily succumb to various diseases. Our Clinic’s treatment philosophy is built on the principles and teachings of ancient Chinese medicine, and revitalising the “Yang” energy of individuals’ health constitution is paramount.

Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments


Our experienced physicians will understand your lifestyle and unique physical health before arriving at a diagnosis and recommending our natural TCM treatments such as Acupuncture, Tuina and Cupping along with personalised medication and medical products.

• Common Illnesses

• Hypertension

• Flu & Cold

• Tumors

Holistic Approach

Our principle of effective treatment focuses on creating harmony between Yin and Yang.  Our holistic approaches are based on encompassing views of the body, mind and environment. Every approach is personalized and based on a detailed assessment of each unique individual with various external influences, such as social and lifestyle factors, climatic circumstances, and also the health condition and medical history of the individual. This comprehensive analysis is crucial for our TCM physician to design a course of treatment for our clients.

At FYT, we advocate the use of ancient TCM classics as our key prescription.

Healing Crisis

“When it is good to feel bad”

What you need to know is that the healing crisis is a normal process individual may encounter on their route to recovery. Also known as a healing reaction, it is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through a self-healing process by eliminating toxins and adjusting itself.

The indications that you’re experiencing one is often the symptoms you experienced during the illness, it can vary from one person to another and may include diarrhoea, aches and soreness, mood swings, skin irritations, nausea, etc. 

A healing crisis lasts on average 3 days to a week but is dependent on the individual and severity of their health condition.