Personalised Treatment with Our Trusted TCM Physicians 

in a warm and friendly environment 

Set in a warm and friendly environment, our trusted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians will provide a personalised assessment to identify your pain points and make suitable recommendations.


TCM Essentials
Enhance your Well-being

TCM Consultation $18
TCM Prescription (Medication) As Charge
Acupuncture $15-$30
Cupping $25
GuaSha Meridian Scrapping $25
Mid frequency Electro Therapy $20
Herbal Far-Infra Heat Therapy $5
Spot Muscle Relaxation/ Therapy $35/Spot
Acupuncture with Spot Muscle Relaxation $60

Spinal Alignment
Correcting Your Structure

TCM Consultation $18
Cervical Spinal Treatment $80
Thoracic/ Lumbar Spinal Treatment $99
Full Spinal Treatment $160
X-Rays (as advised by physicians) $70- $200

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